Wildlife Intake Form

Thank you for bringing this animal to our facility. Animal Emergency Hospital & Urgent Care believes that all sick and injured animals are entitled to compassionate and humane treatment. We also believe in partnering with our community to provide medical care to wildlife in need. One of our veterinarians will evaluate this animal and if its condition is treatable, it will receive medical attention and be turned over to a licensed wildlife rehabilitator for further care and subsequent release back into the wild.

If you wish to bring in a songbird or waterfowl, there is a non-negotiable $25 donation required. This donation covers the cost of transport for these animals. You are welcome to visit the Our Wild Neighbors website at https://www.ourwildneighbors.org/ for assistance if you do not want to pay the $25 donation fee. For all other eligible wildlife, donations are appreciated but not mandatory. 100% of the donations go directly to the animals and are used to offset the cost of care for these patients. We have been working with wildlife and area rehabilitators for over 20 years and have high success rates with these animals.

If you are interested in the status of the animal, you may email us at staff@ervets4pets.com for a brief update. If you call the hospital for a wildlife update, you will be referred to the email. Due to the high number of wildlife cases we see everyday, we ask that you provide the patient number when emailing us for an update. This will allow us to more efficiently answer your questions and concerns about the specific animal you brought in. Without the patient ID number, it may be very difficult for us to provide an update on the exact animal you brought in.

We have also provided additional resources for some wildlife organizations that we work with in the area:


Providing Us With the Information Concerning The Circumstances in Which You Found This Animal is Vitally Important to Both Providing Medical Care and Getting the Patient Released Back Into Its Proper Home and Environment