Digital Radiography

Photo of a happy pet owner and her dog enjoying a day at the park.

Animal Emergency Hospital and Urgent Care has a technologically advanced X-ray machine that creates excellent quality radiographs that can diagnose specific medical and surgical conditions in your pet.

Instead of using film, cassettes and intrusive developing chemicals, our animal hospital uses a digitized system that is more precise, more easily archived and recalled, and it produces faster results in a shorter amount of time than outdated technology like film-based X-ray machines.

Time and image quality are of the essence when appropriately diagnosing and determining an appropriate treatment plan for your pet.

Pets can be anesthetized to better handle the procedure, or your pet can be given a local injection and remain awake. We will discuss both options and which is the best choice for your pet.

We use our digital radiology equipment for hip dysplasia, diagnosing bone problems, lung problems, and myriad other conditions.

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