We Save Lives

24 hour emergency care for pets. If you believe your pet may be experiencing an emergency, please call us now.

(919) 781-5145

We’ve Got Your Back

They are a smart and talented group of doctors and nurses that care about their role in our families and guide us when we can’t think straight. I have had several experiences where I needed them for my pets and I’m always impressed. You hope you never need them but when you do it’s sure comforting to me that they are there.


We have a regular vet who we adore (Dr Regina at Purr & Bark), but in an emergency, this is where we take our pets. They have saved our pets from certain death on several occasions. They are always open, they always answer the phone, and we’ve had nothing but positive experiences.

I do wildlife rescue, and they take in animals for me and other rescuers at all hours! Their initial care is outstanding, and they do it asa free community service! I have gotten dozens of animals they treated and they have saved many lives! I cannot say enough good things about them.

Emergency Care
Critical Care
Pain Management
Urgent Care

Open 24 hours a day.