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Dropping-off wildlife?
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and remain in your vehicle on arrival for car side service. Information will be obtained via phone to complete the required documentation. Any containers, blankets, towels, etc. will be returned immediately to you or our team will dispose of them for you.

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What to do when you arrive:

  1. Call 919-781-5145  to let us know you have arrived. If you haven’t already called prior to arriving, we will gather your pet’s history and list of symptoms during this call.
    • For pets in urgent condition: please indicate your concern immediately so a team member can get your pet immediately. Emergency consent, history, and list of symptoms will be obtained over the phone while your pet is being assessed inside.
    • For pets in stable condition: please remain in your vehicle with your pet for car side service.
    • If you must get out of your vehicle during the course of your visit, please attempt to maintain the recommended social distancing of 6 feet whenever possible.
  2. There are signs located at each parking spot with a designated number. Please let the team member know what number spot you are parked in, so they can better assist you.
    • There is a QR code on the sign that can be scanned and it will take you to our online check in form, which is located under Carside Service Forms on this website. This form does need to be completed in its entirety for team members to assist you appropriately and to give us permission to treat your pet.
    • Also under the Carside Service Forms, you will find links to our Wildlife Form and Good Sam Registration Forms that a team member can speak to you more about if it is applicable to you.
  3. A team member will come to your vehicle to take your pet inside for evaluation while you remain in your vehicle to complete the required check-in documentation.
  4. Once your pet’s exam has been completed, the veterinarian will call to discuss the case and their recommendations for treatment.
  5. Estimates will be reviewed and consents will be obtained via phone with a member of our team.
    • Payment is due at the time services are rendered and will be collected via phone whenever possible. While cash is also accepted, our preferred methods of payment at this time are: CareCredits, Debit/Credit Cards and Scratch Pay.
    • Links to apply for Care Credit and Scratch Pay can be found under the Carside Service Forms tab.
  6. Please do not leave the parking lot while we have your pet inside until instructed to do so by a team member.
  7. Upon completion of your pet’s care, we will arrange discharge.
    • Discharge instructions will be discussed over the phone and you will be provided a copy of the clinical summary and discharge instructions preferably via email.
    • Instructions on how to medicate your pet may need to be demonstrated via video.
  8. Your pet will be brought to your vehicle by a team member once discharge is complete and payment has been finalized.

If your pet is hospitalized:

  • No personal items can be kept with your pet including but not limited to blankets, collars, leashes, and toys. These items will be sent with you.
  • In-person visitations can be arranged depending on the status of your pet. If you wish to visit with your pet, please call ahead, so we can organize a convenient time. A team member will bring your pet to your car for visitation. As always, updates are available and given regularly via phone at any time of the day or night, so please don’t hesitate to give us a call.
Client Check-In Form
Wildlife Intake Form
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