Avian Emergencies: Signs of Sickness in Your Bird

While you’re likely familiar with cats’ incredible ability to hide illness signs, birds are more skilled at this act for survival. In the wild, predators are likely to attack birds who show weakness, although their flock mates will go so far as to drive the predators away, or attack them to avoid attracting unwanted attention. [...]

Cold Weather Safety for Your Pet: 6 Ways to Avoid Winter Woes

Although Raleigh, North Carolina, is nowhere close to being the coldest state, we occasionally experience some chilly temperatures that can create hazardous situations for your pet, some of which may constitute an emergency. Follow these six tips to avoid your pet ending up in our emergency hospital. #1: Ensure your pet’s contact info is current [...]

Sick Pet? Common Holiday Illnesses and What to Watch for

As the end-of-year holiday season quickly approaches, your stress level may be rising. Thanksgiving turkeys to roast, Christmas gifts to buy and wrap, and Christmas and New Year’s Eve decorations to hang can be overwhelming for even the most organized. A sick or injured pet in the middle of the fray is one more anxiety-ridden [...]

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Microchipping: Keep Your Pet Safe With Permanent Identification

Although it’s hard to think about your beloved pet becoming lost, the reality is that pets go missing every day. According to an American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals study, 15% of dog and cat owners reported losing a pet during the past five years. Should the unthinkable happen, and your canine [...]

Heatstroke Prevention for Pets

Heatstroke is a common summertime condition that’s fatal if not treated promptly. Even the healthiest of pets can succumb to dehydration, sunburn, and other heat-related illnesses when outside in the heat and humidity. Animals don’t sweat like people and instead rely mostly on panting to cool themselves. Panting allows the exchange of some warm air [...]

Batten Down the Hatches: Prepare Your Pet for a Disaster

Even though hurricane season isn’t quite here, we are in the midst of North Carolina’s March-through-August tornado season. Natural disasters do tend to follow seasonal weather patterns, but they can strike at any time, just like house fires, falling trees, or severe storms. A family member’s extended illness can also be an emergency, because it [...]

Protection for the Unexpected: The Benefits of Pet Health Insurance

Pets are prone to getting into mischief and coming down with sudden illnesses, often leading to a hefty emergency bill for after-hours veterinary care. Pet health insurance helps finance unexpected veterinary care when your pet becomes sick or injured. How does pet health insurance work? Similar to car insurance, a pet health insurance plan quietly [...]

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