Recognizing and Treating Arthritis in Cats

Many owners attribute their cat’s decreased desire to play or jump up on the countertops as a normal aging consequence, but most older cats actually have joint disease that makes these movements uncomfortable. Cats with arthritis typically do not show obvious pain signs, such as limping, but you can learn to recognize subtle changes at [...]

Does Your Dog Have a Backache? Intervertebral Disc Disease in Dogs

Back pain is so highly prevalent in people that you are probably familiar with the debilitating pain from only a minor spinal injury. Dogs are also uniquely predisposed to a specific disease that causes back pain, especially dog breeds with long bodies and short legs.  Intervertebral disc disease (IVDD) commonly causes pain in affected dogs, [...]

Winter Health Hazards for Pets

North Carolina winters are always surprising—recent years have demonstrated that we’re not immune to snow, ice, and frigid temperatures. These sometimes unanticipated arctic blasts can leave humans and pets unprepared, and at serious risk for winter weather-related injuries. To help your pet avoid common winter health hazards, read our Animal Emergency Hospital and Urgent Care [...]

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8 Tips to Keep Your Indoor Cat Happy

Keeping your cat indoors protects them from many dangers, such as infectious diseases, parasites, animal attacks, and being hit by a car, but cats need environmental enrichment to enjoy an optimal quality of life. Our Animal Emergency Hospital and Urgent Care team wants to help by providing tips to ensure your indoor cat remains happy. [...]

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