8 Tips to Keep Your Indoor Cat Happy

Keeping your cat indoors protects them from many dangers, such as infectious diseases, parasites, animal attacks, and being hit by a car, but cats need environmental enrichment to enjoy an optimal quality of life. Our Animal Emergency Hospital and Urgent Care team wants to help by providing tips to ensure your indoor cat remains happy. [...]

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5 Heat Safety Tips for Pets

As our hot and muggy North Carolina summer temperatures rise, your pet’s heat-related injury risk also increases. During the summer, our Animal Emergency Hospital and Urgent Care team treats many heat-related injuries, including life-threatening heatstroke. Keep in mind that, despite expert treatment, some pets do not survive heat-related conditions. Avoid summer heartbreak, and protect your [...]

A Pet Owner’s Guide to Preventing Common Pet Emergencies

Some pets are more prone to finding trouble and ending up in a scary situation that requires urgent veterinary care. However, while certain pets have a nose for mischief, you can prevent many emergency situations from befalling your furry pal. Read on to discover how to prevent seven common pet emergencies. #1: Heatstroke in pets [...]

FAQs About Pet Toxins

Pets love to sniff, lick, and nibble any new substance they discover in their environment, but toxins lurk in many unexpected places in your home. If your pet ingests toxins, they can suffer life-threatening consequences. Our team at Animal Emergency Hospital and Urgent Care wants to help by answering some frequently asked questions about pet [...]

FAQs About Parvovirus in Dogs

If you are a dog owner, you likely have been warned about parvovirus, a highly contagious, dangerous, and sometimes fatal disease that can cause severe gastrointestinal problems for dogs and puppies. Our team at Animal Emergency Hospital and Urgent Care wants to help by answering some frequently asked questions about parvovirus, so you know how [...]

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4 Reasons Your Veterinarian is So Busy

If your pet has needed veterinary attention recently, you may have been surprised at how long you had to wait for an appointment. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused the veterinary community to face issues, including an increased patient load, staff shortages, and time-consuming safety protocols, which have led to pet owners finding access to veterinary [...]

5 Holiday Disasters That Can Land Your Pet in Our Emergency Hospital

The holidays are full of good cheer, good food, and … good opportunities for disaster? That’s right. With the general commotion associated with the holiday season, your furry pal can easily find an opportunity to get into mischief that could earn them a trip to our emergency hospital. Keep your pet safe from holiday disasters [...]

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