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Recognizing and Managing Pain in Pets

At some point in your pet’s life, they will experience pain—chances are, they already have. From ear infections, to muscle sprains, to torn toenails, our pets are subject to varying degrees of pain from a variety of conditions. While no pet owner wants to envision their pet’s discomfort, recognizing and addressing pain is crucial. After [...]

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How to Prevent Quarantine Calamities in Your Pet During the COVID-19 Pandemic

With the kids out of school, you and your spouse working from home, and the pets wondering why their daily routine has changed so much, your life is in an upheaval. You are stretched in many unusual directions, and your mind is overloaded with coping with the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent quarantine, including worrying about [...]

7 Facts You Need to Know About COVID-19 and Your Pet

Faced with a novel virus that has adapted incredibly well to infect people, it’s natural to worry about the health and safety of your entire family, whether they’re two- or four-legged. To minimize the risk of potential disease transmission, and ensure our community stays safe, we have implemented new procedures at our hospital. Read on [...]

8 Facts Every Dog Owner Needs to Know About Canine Influenza

People suffering from the flu often worry that their dog may also become sick. While some diseases can jump from species to species, many cannot, because they must undergo mutations to create new strains that can infect other species. Let’s find out if you need to worry about becoming sick if your dog has the [...]

How Pet Insurance Grants Peace of Mind in an Emergency

When your pet is sick or injured, your natural reaction is likely, “Money is no concern.” But, what do you do when your bank account balance doesn’t match the deep love you have for your best friend? Pet health insurance is one way pet owners can cover unexpected veterinary costs, in addition to routine preventive [...]

Avian Emergencies: Signs of Sickness in Your Bird

While you’re likely familiar with cats’ incredible ability to hide illness signs, birds are more skilled at this act for survival. In the wild, predators are likely to attack birds who show weakness, although their flock mates will go so far as to drive the predators away, or attack them to avoid attracting unwanted attention. [...]

Cold Weather Safety for Your Pet: 6 Ways to Avoid Winter Woes

Although Raleigh, North Carolina, is nowhere close to being the coldest state, we occasionally experience some chilly temperatures that can create hazardous situations for your pet, some of which may constitute an emergency. Follow these six tips to avoid your pet ending up in our emergency hospital. #1: Ensure your pet’s contact info is current [...]

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