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Top 5 Ways to Keep Pets Safe—And Still Have Fun—This Halloween

From carefully curated costumes to tasty treats, what’s not to love about Halloween? While many of us look forward to this fun fall holiday, it’s not all tricks and treats for the four-legged members of our family. Here’s how the whole family can enjoy this ghoulish evening, without risking your pet’s health or safety.  #1: [...]

6 Tips to Prepare Your Pet for Back to School and the “New Normal”

Your pet helped you through some of the most difficult times of the pandemic. Whether you were already a pet owner, or became one during those months at home, they provided constant companionship, stability, and a light-hearted reprieve during a frightening time. Your pet has become accustomed to your presence during the day, and if [...]

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7 Steps to Successful Pet Medication

You love giving your pet everything they need—except for medication. Then, you love the idea more than the process. Although we know we make administering medication look easy, Animal Emergency Hospital and Urgent Care understands that medicating pets can be incredibly difficult. Who hasn’t felt like they need two extra arms, cat-like reflexes, and Crocodile [...]

Heatstroke in Pets: Guidelines for Pet Owners

You and your pet enjoy having fun in the sun, but the warmer temperatures can be problematic for your pet if they develop heatstroke. Our team at Animal Emergency Hospital and Urgent Care provides information about this dangerous condition, as well as guidelines to safeguard your pet. All pets are susceptible to heatstroke Pets dissipate [...]

Keeping Your Pet Safe During an Emergency

The term “emergency” brings to mind many forms of crisis—tornadoes, hurricanes, fires, flooding, and terrorism top the list. You cannot predict when one of these events will affect you, but planning ahead will help ensure you weather the incident unharmed. The Animal Emergency Hospital and Urgent Care team wants to remind you to include your [...]

10 Things You Need To Know About Heart Disease in Pets

Our pets have our whole hearts, so it makes sense that we should pay attention to this vitally important organ. Like people, pets can experience a variety of heart problems. Here are 10 important facts that the Animal Emergency Hospital and Urgent Care team wants all pet owners to know about cardiac-related diseases in pets. [...]

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What Every Dog Owner Needs to Know About Kennel Cough

At Animal Emergency Hospital and Urgent Care, we know that deciding whether your coughing dog is an emergency, or they can wait for an appointment with your family veterinarian, can be hard. You may be concerned that your dog has something stuck in their throat, or has a serious respiratory infection. Dog owners also may [...]

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